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Out & About with Chypons Farm

Castle Brea Farm, Castle Gate

Castle Brea Farm is a small farm run by Jowan and Minnie, about 5 minutes from us at Chypons Farm,Nancledra. My children have spent a lot of time there. It's between St Ives and Penzance at Castle Gate which overlooks St Michaels Mount. The views from the farm are stunning! This is a fantastic little place for your kids to enjoy spending time and getting up close and personal with goats, pigs and sheep. They have the most beautiful Anglo Nubian cross goats and Golden Guernsey goats, guinea pigs, chickens, tortoises, finches and doves. The kids can also bottle feed the lambs and have a lovely experience for £6.50. There's plenty going on at the farm especially during the summer holidays. They have a facebook page and you can message them to book tickets which is probably adviseable. They have indoor barns so if the weather is a bit wet there is shelter and of course you can buy teas and coffees etc,This is a lovely, safe place to visit and acquaint your children with animals and they probably won't want to leave or will want to take one of the animals with them, probably one of the goats, so prepare yourself!

Castle Brea Farm